Coming to Lyon

Every year, more and more students from all regions of the world come to Lyon to learn French, to enrol in a university programme or to carry out research.

In 2005/2006, 16000 foreign students came to Lyon, 2500 on an exchange programme! Foreign students represent more than 13% of the whole student community in Lyon area!

If you are coming on an exchange programme, contact directly the appropriate International Office.  For further Information.....

If you plan to come as a free mover, we have implemented a handbook for you! To study abroad, far from one's home country, sometimes in a foreign language, can be a tough but very rich experience. To make such a project a real success, you have to anticipate and put a number of landmarks before your departure! This handbook can be of some use for you!
If you don't find any response to a specific request of yours, please contact the  International Information Centre of Lyon University (CII) :
and if already in Lyon, come and meet us at CII !