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A10 Writing and publishing scientific articles in Biology, Chemistry, Physics - 21H

Training course objectives:

Learn to write a scientific paper and to get it published.
At the end of the training session, you will have gained the following skills:
  •  Decide what, where and when to publish
  •  Design an effective outline
  •  Write clearly
  •  Design clear figures
  •  Revise their article

Description of the training:

Programme :
  •  Why an article is rejected
  •  The publication strategy
  •  The different sections of a scientific paper
  •  A systematic method for writing a scientific paper
  •  Writing science in plain English – theory and exercises
  •  Designing clear figures
  •  Putting it into practice - editing draft articles written by the trainees
  •  The submission and revision process
  •  Dealing with rejection and bouncing back

Pedagogical approach:

Ahead of the course, trainees prepare a brief outline of their paper and send it to the trainer for an initial correction. After learning the principles of efficient writing, they do numerous practical exercises, such as identifying and editing common mistakes in papers. Following this initial period of instruction, they work to improve their paper, individually and in groups, with the help of the trainer.

Candidates will be selected on 3 criteria:

1. Need (students MUST be in the process of writing an article or just about to start)
2. Level of English
: students MUST have at least the B2 level in English of the CECR (, particularly in writing.
3. Stage of PhD
: priority is given to PhD students in their 2nd year or above.

Additional information:

The course is entirely in English
It is meant only for PhD students publishing in Natural sciences journals (Biology, Chemistry, Physics )
Participants must bring a laptop computer.
They must send an outline of their paper at least a month before the course.

Responsable pédagogique:

David Karlin, PhD, Trainer


PhD students in their 2nd year or above, in Natural Sciences

Number of hours :

21 hours

Dates :

24, 25, 26 September 2018
9 a.m - 5 p.m

Opening date for registration:

1st July, 2018


Université Lyon
92 rue Pasteur
69007 Lyon

Number of participants:

10 candidates selected out of 20 applications

Documentation needed:

A letter (10 lines maximum) in which you will precise:
- why you need to attend this training,
- your level of English,
- your stage of PhD,
- publication you have to do in the near future.