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A14- Technical presentations in English for scientists - 16H

Who is this for?:

Scientists and teachers-researchers in the Life, Formal & Engineer Sciences fields, wishing to be more at ease and improve their public speaking skills in English at conferences, meetings, seminars, debates, etc


• To be able to identify the key message of your presentation so as to have the desired impact;
• To be able to engage and hold audience attention during international conferences and meetings;
• To be able to speak more easily in English.

Description :

• Overcoming stress and your fear of “not being good enough” in English when you speak in public;
• Varying language, gestures and your voice to engage and hold audience attention;
• Creating a relationship with your audience;
• Choosing and creating appropriate and striking audiovisual aids;
• How to structure your presentation: the introduction, the objectives, the key message and the conclusion;
• Creating mental and physical reflexes to give a positive impression;
• Defining a personal action plan for each presentation.

Trainer :

ILTC team

Number of hours :

16 hours

Dates and hours:

11,12 January 2018, from 9.00 to 5.00

Registration opening date:

11 December 2017

Place of training :

ILTC, 17 rue de la victoire, Lyon 3

Public transport: M°D, T1, Guillotiere Stop

Number of participants :



Have B2 level or higher in English