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A17- How to design effective slides for your presentations- 16H


To acquire the tips, tricks and techniques to design and use effective audio-visual supports (slides, power point, or other) to accompany your presentations.


This is a group training course, using active teaching methods. The following points will be included in the programme :
Why use slides ? Why most slides are deadly boring ….
• Layout
• Harmony for different elements in slides : titles, key words, diagrams …
• Using the right template
Designing an impactful title … or leaving your audience some space
• Finding your « hook »
Producing visual aids as good as your message
• Keeping visual harmony all through the presentation :
o photos, graphs, designs…,
o the slide as a support to your key message
• Structuring your presentation : using a summary or not
• ONE idea per slide,
• Choosing impactful words, staying positive


Participants must come to the course with their own scientific or technical presentations on a USB stick

Training manager:

Rachel Whyte, ILTC

Number of hours :

16 hours

Dates and hours:

27 & 28 February, 01 & 02 March 2018, from 2.00 to 6.00 p.m

Registration opening date:

27 Decembre 2017

Place of training :

ILTC, 17 rue de la victoire, Lyon 3

Public transport: M°D, T1, Guillotiere Stop

Number of participants :



Have B1+ level or higher in English