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B20 Online Profile, Social Networks & Personal Branding - 6H -


Objectives :

- Give the tips to attendees
- Understand how companies and hiring people use social networks
- Make attendees fully aware of the benefits of handling correctly the Social Networks
- Be able to setup and control your personal profile on Social Networks (personal branding)
- Discover, build, control, understand and continuously improve the impacts of a good use of his personal branding
- Work on practical use cases (focus on LinkedIn)
- Work on personal profile

Training contents :

Preliminary survey for each participant (looking for their existing digital footprint)
Interactive workshop 
Analysis of existing attendees profiles
Advise for improving the profile in order to make it “more professional”

Additional information : the attendees shall provide CV, motivations, spoken languages, presence on the different social networks

Registration opening date :

1st December 2017

Number of hours :

 6 H
Including preparation work

Dates & hours :

February 1st, 2018 , 2 pm to 5 pm

Specificities :

Laptop needed

Location :

Room 103
Université de Lyon 
92 rue Pasteur 
69007 Lyon

Number of participants :