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E2 Communicating science to a larger audience - 21H

Main objectives:

- Be capable of making a 3 minute oral presentation of your thesis in English.

- Be capable of writing a text aimed at a wide public on your research and that of your laboratory or company.

- Be able to manage a meeting in English and convince your counterparts in the framework of a negotiation, with the necessary language of argument-counter argument.

- Be able to write short reports, summaries, captions of images, research highlights.

Operational objectives . Know how to emphasise the value of your work orally and in writing. . Know how to defend your point of view during negotiations with European committees, for example, regarding environmental standards, protocols, etc. . Know how to write short texts with dynamic sentences. . Communicate in English on a daily basis in the framework of research and business.


Identification of the strong and weak points of the trainees’ written and oral communication: work on pronunciation and self-projection.
How vulgarisation can be used and serve as a vector for one’s work.
The use of “Nature” and its different parts: news and research articles.
Advertising in English and the creation of slogans for start-ups, etc.
Writing summaries, searching for synonyms for complex ideas, use of metaphors, what is correct and incorrect in English – mastering syntax.
Emails, letters with highlights, descriptions of graphs, diagrams, photos, etc.

Responsable pédagogique :

Keith HODSONtrainer

Registration opening date:

04 April 2018

Numbe of hours :


Dates & hours:

04, 05, 11 June 2018
10:00a.m - 6:00p.m

Number of participants :


Lieu :

salle 103
Université de Lyon
92 rue Pasteur

T2 Centre Berthelot Stop
T1 Quai Claude Bernard Stop
Métro B Jean Macé Stop

Sélection :

The candidates must have a good level of spoken English (B2 Level). See the positioning questionnaire on Siged .