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E7- Your perfect pitch - 16H


- To acquire tips, tricks, and techniques to pitch projects effectively and convincingly in a limited time ;

- To be able to capture and keep audience attention by adapting your style and content to your audience.

Description :

This is a group training course, using active and participative teaching methods. Participants will acquire the necessary behaviours to plan and present a pitch which is effective in all situations, and more particularly to develop the necessary confidence to dare to be different and to make a positive impact on one’s audience.

Participants must be level B1 in English for this training.

Trainer :

ILTC team

Number of hours :

16 hours

Dates and hours:

27, 28 February, 01, 02 March, from 9 a.m to 1 p.m 

Registration opening date:

27 December 2017

Place of training :

ILTC, 17 rue de la victoire, Lyon 3
Public transport: M°D, T1, Guillotiere Stop

Number of participants :