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L356 : Micro machining of 3D parts by Electrical Discharge Machining

technology offers

Lyon Science Transfert offers to grant patent license and looks for industrial partners.


Machining of electrically conductive parts (silicon, stainless steel, hard steel for injection molding and hot embossing tools, conductive ceramics,...) is performed by micro electrical machining with an ultrafine cylindrical tungsten tool (1-250 μm) of very high aspect ratio (x10 - X100). 3D shapes are obtained by vertical and lateral displacement of the microtool. This one is obtained with a patented low cost and automated innovative process based on the electrochemical dissolution of tungsten.

During machining, there is no contact between the part and the tool, so fragile tools can be used. The wear of the tool during micromachining is regularly compensated by electrochemical regeneration. The entire process, protected by 2 patents, targets the manufacturing of 3D microparts and microtools at mesoscopic level with fully automated machine. Software interface with CAD systems has been developed.


  • Compatibility with all conductive materials (titanium, diamond, conductive ceramics...)
  • High resolution
  • High aspect ratio machining
  • Simple and low cost process
  • Automated process (Tips sharpening area /Milling area)
  • Regeneration of microelectrode

  • Micro-holes drilling (diesel injectors machining)
  • Microfluidic parts manufacturing for lab-on-chips
  • Medical microparts manufacturing
  • Micro milling of silicon with high form factor
  • Micro milling of electrically conductive materials (titanium, diamond, Inconel, conductive ceramics and also stainless steel)
  • Parts for injection molding and hot embossing tools

Michel Cabrera
Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon (INL)

Your technology officer
Lilian Martinez
Tel. +33(0)4 37 37 42 98

Thématique : Biology-Health, Devices, Biology tools / Imaging, Chemistry-Materials