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L850 : New hydrosoluble chromophores for applications in biophotonics

technology offers

Lyon Science Transfert offers to grant patent license and looks for industrial partners.


Biophotonics uses chromophores, synthetic molecules able to interact with visible, UV or infrared rays, to analyse or modify biological objects. To make them compatible with physiological medium, chromophores must become hydrosoluble while keeping their photophysical properties. The laboratory offers new hydrosoluble chromophores in this way.


Two-photon chromophores are very hydrophobic molecules. To make them become hydrosoluble, the laboratory has set up a new chemical strategy which consists in growing an hydrophylic polymeric chain from a chromophoric macroinitiator. This functionalization is done by controlled polymerisation which would also allow control of biodisponibility, selectivity and toxicity of chromophores.


  • Photophysical properties (fluorescence quantum yield) of functionalized chromophores are kept
  • Chromophores’ internalization by cells is optimized
  • Synthesis of the object does not require difficult or costly procedure, their purifcation is straightforward

  • Imaging
  • Phototherapy


Cyrille Monnereau
Laboratoire de chimie ENS Lyon 

Your technology officer
Christian Chapelle
Tel. +33(0)4 37 37 20 09

Thématique : Biology-Health, Chemistry-Materials, Biology tools / Imaging, Chemistry