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L795 : New multi electrons based electrochemical probes

technology offers

Lyon Science Transfert offers to grant patent license and looks for industrial partners.


The laboratory offers a new strategy of oligonucleotide probes labelled by redox markers for detection of targets of interest (DNA, proteins).


The laboratory has synthesized a new phosphoramidite synthon compatible with the conditions of DNA synthesis. The derivative is incorporated at the end or in any position of the oligonucleotide chain by solid phase chemistry. An important number of synthons can be incorporated in the probe. This new kind of electrochemical probe is more sensitive thanks to the transfer of the 2 electrons per molecule and more stable than ferrocene modified ones.


  • Electrochemical microsystem more sensitive for target detection and more stable in oxidative conditions
  • Improvement of marker performance : transfer of 2 electrons by oxidation wave
  • Direct detection, real time
  • Reusable system


Nucleotide based electrochemical biosensors for: 

  • Health: detection microsystem for point of care specific analysis 
  • Environment
  • Food industry


Carole CHAIX 
Laboratoire des Sciences Analytiques

Your technology officer
Christian Chapelle
Tel. +33(0)4 37 37 20 09

Thématique : Biology-Health, Biology tools / Imaging, Chemistry-Materials, Cleantech, Chemistry, Pollutants detection/Metrology, Agronomy/Energy/Green Housing