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L745 : Stealth probe for fluorescent detection of peptidases

technology offers

Lyon Science Transfert offers to grant patent license and looks for industrial partners.


Peptidases represent a large family of enzymes among which are found a number of important biomarkers for studies of life and disease. The present technology offers robust off-on probes for exceptionally sensitive fluorescence detection and imaging of peptidases. Their unique, modular design paves the way for multiplexed amino- and endo-peptidase imaging with a range of phenolic fluorophores.


The probe system is highly innovative in two separate respects: 

  1. The probes feature cyclization spacers which are unique in favouring both peptidase processing of their substrates, and rapid cyclization; no previously reported cyclization systems combine these two features, yet this is crucial for molecular imaging applications. The nature of the spacers also ensures the probes’ exceptional robustness.
  2. The probes are the first peptidase probes to release an insoluble, Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) fluorophore. ESIPT fluorophores possess properties which greatly improve on those of standard, soluble fluorophores.


  • Released ESIPT fluorophore has much higher photostability and Stokes shifts than standard, soluble fluorophores
  • Very bright signal
  • Perfectly water-soluble
  • Probe is very robust: no false positive signal
  • Exceptional detection sensitivity: low doses
  • Attractive diffusion properties
  • Enzymatic reaction of the probe is not toxic
  • Easily synthesized
  • Bacterial colony assays / high throughput screening of peptidase activity
  •  In vitro detection of peptidases in body secretions or serum.
  • Confocal fluorescent microscopy: sub-cellular imaging of cell cultures.
  •  In vivo whole animal imaging.


Laboratoire de chimie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Your technology officer
Christian Chapelle
Tel. +33(0)4 37 37 20 09

Thématique : Biology-Health, Biology tools / Imaging