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A24 - Writing an academic paper and preparing an oral presentation in English in the Humanities and Social Sciences - 16H

Total number of hours 16h


Caroline Hussler, Professeure en sciences de gestion, Centre Magellan


PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences fields


Help doctoral students to write and present their first paper or oral presentation for an international audience with their current English knowledge. The purpose is not to learn English.
  • Discover publication rules and strategies.
  • Prepare an oral presentation for an (english-speaking) academic conference.
  • Become familiar with editorial standards of international journals.


  • Session 1: Introduction; publication strategy + Writing an academic paper +schedule of participants’ presentations/introductions
  • Session 2: Doing an oral presentation
  • Session 3: Presentations and comments on participants' material
  • Session 4: Presentations and comments on participants' material

Job to be done
As a participant, you can choose between:
– Oral presentation: Do a 20-minute oral presentation of an article you have written or of your research proposal (send your slides to the group two days in advance)
– Introduction: Provide a document including title, introduction and abstract of a paper you’re working on alone or as first author. We will work on the text. You won't have to present it (send the document to the group two days in advance).

Each participant also has to provide a 5-minute oral comment for two oral presentations, introductions or posters

We will schedule all activities during the first session.


  • 3 & 27 June, 8:00 a.m -6:00 p.m
Registration Opening date: 3 April 2019