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A27 - How to design effective slides for your presentations - 16H

Accessible as Distance Learning
Total number of hours 16h


Carol BAUSOR, British conference speaker


Avoir un niveau B2 en anglais minimum
Level B2 in English minimum


To be able to design and build attractive and useful slides to accompany presentations of you research by:Acquiring tips, tricks and techniques of visual communication


A practical and challenging interactive workshop, where 90% of course time is devoted to guided practice and respectful feedback and 10% to theory. Participants will design and test out slides for their presentations.

This is a group training course, using active teaching methods. The following points will be included in the program :

Why use slides? Why most slides are deadly boring...
  • Layout
  • Harmony for different elements in slides: titles, key words, diagrams, etc.
  • Using the right template
Designing an impactful title… or leaving your audience some space
  • Finding your « hook »
Producing visual aid as good as your message
  • Keeping visual harmony all through the presentation:
    • Photos, graphs, designs...
    • The slide as a support to your key message
  • Structuring your presentation: using a summary or not
  • ONE idea per slide
  • Choosing impactful words, staying positive



Additional Information

Participants must come to the course with any existing slides used for previous presentations.