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A32 - Communicating science to a larger audience - 21H

Total number of hours 21h


Keith Hodson, accent Europe


The candidates must have a a minimum level B2 in written and oral English on the scale of the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).
They must download the positioning questionnaire attached below, fill it in and join it while applying to the course on Siged .12 candidates will be selected.


Main objectives: 
  • Be capable of making a 3 minute oral presentation of your thesis in English;
  • Be capable of writing a text aimed at a wide public on your research and that of your laboratory or company;
  • Be able to manage a meeting in English and convince your counterparts in the framework of a negotiation, with the necessary language of argument-counter argument;
  • Be able to write short reports, summaries, captions of images, research highlights.

Operational objectives: 
  • Know how to emphasize the value of your work orally and in writing;
  • Be able to give a short, interesting and dynamic oral presentation based on the three minute thesis method;
  • Know how to write short texts with dynamic sentences;
  • Communicate in English on a daily basis in the framework of research and business.


  • Identification of the strong and weak points of the trainees’ written and oral communication: work on pronunciation and self-projection;
  • How vulgarisation can be used and serve as a vector for one’s work;
  • The use of “Nature” and its different parts: news and research articles;
  • Advertising in English and the creation of slogans for startups, etc.;
  • Writing summaries, searching for synonyms for complex ideas, use of metaphors, what is correct and incorrect in English – mastering syntax;
  • Emails, letters with highlights, descriptions of graphs, diagrams, photos, etc.


June 3, 4 & 5, 2019 | 10 AM - 6 PM
Opening date for registration:  April 3, 2019