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B09 - Doctoral research project management (an agile approach)- 21H

Total number of hours 21h


Damien BONHOMME, Dirigeant de 3conseils (


Transversal skills:
Knowledge and use of agile project management approach through the "scrum method"


Training objectives:
• Understand the principles of project management in a company;
• Learn the use of project management tools;
• Apply these tools to a research project.


Description of the training:
Day 1: Project management and the protection of time and delays:
o Estimate, prioritize and plan with an agile approach;
o Predictability rate and service commitment levels.

• Day 2: Team animation and risk management:
o Build and cultivate a team;
o Identify risks in project management;
o Formulate, confirm and solve a problem.

• Day 3: Use of project management and team facilitation tools for the trainees' research projects


Postponed to October 28, 29, 30, 2020 | from 9 AM to 1 PM & from 2 to 5 PM
Opening date for registration: February 1, 2020