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C27b - PhD student, get your dream job!

Accessible as Distance Learning
Total number of hours 21h


Carol BAUSOR, British conference speaker


Have a minimum level of B1. Please bring your CV with you


    • Identify the sort of job which appeals to your personally
    • Be aware of your strengths and points of development
    • Understand how to contact people, companies, organisations you may wish to collaborate with
    • Practice writing a killer CV, and prepare for a successful job interview


    • Identifying your own preferred work style
    • Broadening your range of oral communication possibilities
    • Defining your long and short term ambitions: academia, corporate life or entrepreneurship?
    • Understanding how the job market functions
    • Knowing what is your next step
    • Learning how to network
    • Honing your CV
    • Being confident during job interview (face to face or video) and able to ask and answer the right questions


October 19, 21, 23, 2020   | 9 AM - 5 PM

Additional Information

This will be an online training session: please make sure you have a computer and internet connection to take part in it.