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A look back at the French University 2nd Division Judo and Kyu Championships

On The February 15, 2018

French University 2nd Division Judo and Kyu Championships - Reims, France - February 8, 2018 - Photo credits: UdL Sports Associations (AS)

Following the conferences held in Marseille in December, the next stage for our UdL Sports Association and INSA Lyon judo athletes was the French University 2nd Division Championships in Reims on Thursday, February 8.

After a fantastic day of fights, in which the bar was raised relatively high, the first winners took their place on the podium.

Congratulations to our 2nd division UdL AS judokas for their results:

  • Hassen Boukamcha (IUT Lyon 1), 5th in the -60 kg
  • Perrine Gas (STAPS), 6th in the -70 kg
  • Elvire Jacquemin (STAPS), 5th in the -52 kg
  • Océane Pochot (Science), unranked in the -63 kg
  • Nicolas Pagliocca (Science), unranked in the -81 kg
  • Enrick Curtet (STAPS), 3rd in the -73 kg

The majority of Kyu fighters may have been from Reims, but it did not stop them from winning medals:

  • Nolwen Duchateau (STAPS), 3rd in the -70 kg
  • Papa Mbaye (Science), 2nd in the -60 kg
  • Théo Goethals (Université Lyon 3), 3rd in the -66 kg
  • Abdelkader Chikhi (IUT Lyon 1), 1st in the -66 kg
  • Joffrey Michaud (Science), 4th in the -73 kg
  • Ewen Le Houérou (Science), 1st in the -73 kg
  • Yoann Besset-Manzoni (Science), 1st in the +100 kg
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