A new world of possibilities at the Porte des Alpes campus

On The March 26, 2019

Nearly 50 years after it was first built, the Porte des Alpes campus is starting a major urban metamorphosis process. The transformation guide plan for the campus was approved in March 2017, setting the framework for changes at the site. The Université de Lyon and the Université Lumière Lyon 2 have built an exhibition to reveal these changes to the public.

This exhibition has been at the Portes des Alpes campus since January 28, where it illustrates the vast campus rehabilitation project, in order to shed light on the campus transformation plan. It presents the planned changes on campus, stage by stage, which will begin in 2021. Each panel of the exhibition covers a major aspect of the project: its history, accommodations, ecological transition, student life, the Learning Center, etc.

Vernissage projet Porte des Alpes - mars 2019
Vernissage projet Porte des Alpes - mars 2019 - © Université Lumière Lyon 2 - Alexis Grattier
For better visibility, the panels will be spread out in different locations on campus: near tramway stops, in the university restaurant, the forum, in the library walkway and inside the library. The exhibition is also visible at the Berges du Rhône campus, in the central courtyard.

The exhibition opened on March 11, 2019. The exhibition opening introduced the campus change plans as well as the future Learning Center project, which is led by the architecture contest winner.

Announcing the winner of the learning center design contest

After a consultation phase that began in January 2018, and the jury’s ranking, the Université Lumière Lyon 2 selected the group led by the Finnish architect firm ALA Architects, which includes Nicolas Favet Architectes, Mayot & Toussaint (landscaping), and the Quadriplus Group (engineering design), and Theater projects (acoustics), from 158 international applications.

The jury lauded the clarity of the project and the strong links between the various spaces provided by the building’s internal functionalities, and the good spread of documentary functions.

The new Learning Center will replace the current university library and will bring together university services that were previously offered in separate locations. By 2021, this iconic building will become the heart of the campus, leading the way for new student habits and educational initiatives.

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Source: Université Lumière Lyon 2