Charles Mérieux Quais campus: end of construction works for the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

On The October 15, 2020

The Lyon Cité Campus project involves upgrading the Université Lumière Lyon 2 and Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 campuses and improving their energy efficiency. The north wing of the Palais building will be completed in September 2020, marking the end of construction works at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, which began in February 2017. Work is still in progress at the Université Lumière Lyon 2, and is scheduled for completion in August 2021.

The aim of the Campus des Quais project is to modernize the 68,000 m² site, while focusing on four main goals:

  • Protect the existing buildings by renovating enclosed spaces (especially the roofs);
  • Save 20 to 30% in terms of total energy consumption;
  • Update the buildings in accordance with the latest safety standards;
  • Provide disabled access.

The work, which was launched in April 2016 by the Université Lumière Lyon 2, is being carried out wing by wing, so as to not to disrupt teaching and research activities. This has meant that the UdL staff members, faculty, and even the general public, have had to adjust to many changes to ensure that these activities continue as normal.

The project involves insulating and replacing all the woodwork in the Palace building. Designed by AIA architects in collaboration with the French building authorities, this new energy-efficient renovation project has been seamlessly incorporated into the existing 19th century architecture, a prominent landmark in Lyon. The old gas heating system was replaced with a more eco-friendly city network heating system at the end of 2018.

Inside the building, the works include new classrooms and the complete renovation of the Roubier Amphitheater, the university library and the large hall. Not only has the work brought the building in line with modern technical standards, but it has also improved the daily lives of students, professors and other staff at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3.

Project supervisor: The Université de Lyon
Affected institutions: The Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3/the Université Lumière Lyon 2
Prime contractor/Engineering firm: AIA Architects
Scheduling, Steering and Coordination: Ragence
Historical Architect: RL&A