“Climate change – what can we do about it?”: watch the video of Valérie Masson-Delmotte’s lecture

Le 10 March 2020 De 18:00 à 21:00

In addition to the urgent need to take action against climate change, there are a number of solutions that already exist or that need to be further explored. This is why the Université de Lyon has joined forces with the École urbaine de Lyon to organize a major lecture entitled “Climate change, what can we do about it?” which will be held at 6 PM on March 10.

What can we do to reduce global warming? What kind of changes can we expect to see in our major energy, urban and societal systems? How can we face this great global challenge? What can we do as individuals and as a group?

This event is open to everyone, a highlight of which will be a speech by Valérie Masson-Delmotte, a French paleo-climatologists, head of research at the CEA, and co-president of the IPCC Working Group 1.

As a researcher and the recipient of the CNRS 2019 silver medal, her expertise on global warming is recognized both nationally and internationally.

Then a round-table discussion with several speakers will provide an opportunity to add to the debate by proposing concrete solutions for climate change issues in a number of different areas: research, citizen-based initiatives, community involvement, etc.

Finally, a number of organizations will take part by presenting their own initiatives and potential commitments, in order to further the discussions and help identify practical solutions.

Watch videos of the entire lecture