DossierFacile supports you in setting up your rental file

On The March 14, 2022

DossierFacile, one of the winning projects of the "Fabrique numérique", is a national system that helps you compile a quality digital rental file to find accommodation.

Are you a student and having difficulty obtaining accommodation?
The State start-up DossierFacile can assist you free of charge in putting together a compliant and secure digital rental file.

Dual purpose of this innovative system launched by the French government:
  1. Put trust back at the center of the relationship between landlords and tenants,
  2. Facilitate access to accommodation in the private sector.
Create your rental file in 3 steps on (English version available)

DossierFacile protects your personal data. All of your documents are covered with watermarks to prevent fraud from unscrupulous owners.