Working together for sustainable campuses

The Tour de France AGIR ENSEMBLE (Act Together) is a scheme which brings willing communities together to engage students and staff from higher education and research institutions in actions, activities, deeds and commitments for sustainable campuses in sustainable cities.

The scheme is supported nationally by the Association des Villes Universitaires de France (AVUF), the ADEME, the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), the MGEN group, the Banque des territoires and the Crous. ► Find out more

The Université de Lyon, in partnership with the Métropole de Lyon, Saint-Étienne Métropole and the Crous de Lyon, has agreed to take part in the 2019/20 edition for the third year running. The Lyon Saint-Étienne area has been selected alongside 23 other regions in France. Throughout the year, the partners will organize joint initiatives aimed at promoting innovative practices and raising public awareness about the implications of climate change, which is everyone’s concern.

The plan of action

Act Together 2019/20 for the Lyon and Saint-Étienne area

The "Act Together" label was obtained on October 21, 2019, acknowledging the commitment of all partners for a "sustainable campuses in sustainable cities".

Action 1: To encourage people to opt for eco-friendly commuting

Information stands for cycling

► In Lyon: “I’m going by bike” stands for the Lyon campuses run by the Maison du Vélo: useful literature, a quiz show entitled “The highway code behind handlebars”, testing folding bicycles, Bicycode marking, anti-theft devices at a discounted price...

► In Saint-Étienne: Transport information stands with special student transport guides for the Saint-Etienne campuses, information on carpooling, and access to 30 bicycles for students from the Université Jean Monnet, etc.

Eco-friendly transport and sustainable travel workshops

Workshops to promote the “On the Green Road” organization as part of its Explor’actions project competition. This organization focuses on the importance of travel-related issues in order to make students more aware of their place in the world, and to encourage them to work towards a more eco-responsible society. The workshops are designed to promote responsible and sustainable commuting and to present the Explor’actions competition.

Action 2: Working towards zero waste

Operation zero bottles / zero cups

These campaigns are part of a sustainable development day and/or an event on the subject of waste organized by the institutions.

  • Operation Zero bottles: raising awareness and handing out stainless-steel bottles
  • Operation Zero cups: display of a mug detector and stands handing out reusable bamboo cups

Zero-waste workshops / activities

Cooking and DIY workshops in the Crous residences and in the Saint-Étienne institutions. The Lyon Student Center's “Student Eco Hub”: activities aimed at making the Student Center an “exemplary” center for sustainable development > waste management, recycling, sorting, composting, gardening + activities (workshops, screenings, discussions).

“Cinés déclic” films to learn more about waste management issues

Films available for institutions that would like to organize an event. Examples of films: “Plastic, the great intoxicator”, “My waste-free life”, “Ready to throw away”, and a project by the Sciences Po Lyon students, “There is hope beneath the waste! ”.

Action 3: The climate

The Climate Fresco

The Climate Fresco is designed for 1,000 students and staff members to raise their awareness about climate change. The “Climate Fresco” is a fun, interactive and creative workshop on climate change, based on collective intelligence. This workshop is a three-hour introductory course, intended for both beginners and experts and focusing on how the climate works and the consequences of its disruption. Climate Escape game in Saint-Étienne:

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Climate Escape game in Saint-Étienne:

Create an escape game event based on climate issues. Organize free sessions for students as part of the Student Sustainable Development Week.

Climate Change Lecture and Discussions

The Université de Lyon and the École urbaine de Lyon are planning to organize a major climate conference in 2020. The conference will be opened with a guest speaker who will address the issues of climate change, followed by short presentations from researchers and project developers working on climate change issues, with an action-oriented approach, on solutions for adapting, coping with or reducing the effects of climate change.