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Steps completed toward transition

A collaborative and operational initiative — a 3-year work program

This collaborative initiative has been broken down into 3 phrases over 3 years before it can be implemented.

2015-2016: Site assessment

The first stage of this project consisted of a site assessment that aimed to identify any challenges involved in this transition. The scope for improving the campus's ecological management was identified. Raising user awareness about how they can be more economical and environmentally friendly has also been an important tool.

On November 2, 2015: signing of the charter for engergy and ecological transition, and supporting of the Climate and Energy Plans (Plans Climat Énergie) within the Lyon Saint-Étienne area.

► Download the charter for energy and ecological transition (in French) - November 2015

► Download the site monograph (synthesis in French) - April 2016


2016-2017: The site strategy

To meet the challenges, the Université de Lyon created an ambitious yet realistic strategy for the site as part of a co-construction approach with all the institutions and in partnership with Crous de Lyon, the finalized version of which will soon be presented.

► Download the site strategy (in French) - March 2018

► Download the leaflet (in French) - March 2018

2017-2018: Action plans

The tools for concrete action will be mobilized by each stakeholder to help meet their common goals.