Since becoming “Act Together for Sustainable Campuses in Sustainable Cities” (Agir Ensemble pour des campus durables en villes durables) in 2019, the scheme has played a major role in promoting local alliances and shared initiatives, while continuing to pursue its main objective of stimulating individual eco-responsible actions to reinforce the impact of energy transition policies.

By establishing its own label, Act Together aims to generate and support sustainable local alliances based on energy transition, and to help develop shared initiatives and projects related to sustainable development.

Led by the AVUF, the CPU, the CGE, the ADEME, the Crous and the MGEN, in collaboration with the Refedd and the Cirses, and with the support of the Banque des territoires and the CASDEN, the AGIR ENSEMBLE (ACT TOGETHER) scheme has been set up to promote local initiatives that help develop sustainable campus development within sustainable areas.

Firmly believing that we all share responsibility for global warming or the exhaustion of natural resources, ACT TOGETHER encourages and supports regional alliances that collectively develop and implement annual action plans aimed at involving students and staff members from higher education and research institutions.

One way to ensure the effectiveness of sustainable development policies on campuses is to adapt daily actions and practices: energy retrofitting, transport planning, responsible purchasing, waste and recycling management, etc. These policies should be better communicated to as many people as possible in order to motivate and stimulate them.

The aim is, therefore, to enhance the impact of institutional initiatives through changing individual behaviors. The exemplary nature of the campuses is also essential to the appeal and image of the areas in which they are located and, ultimately, to changing societal practices as a whole. Energy transition is everyone’s business, so let's act together!