Implementation of the European card for member and associate institutions of the Université de Lyon

On The October 21, 2021

At the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022, all pre-enrolled students at the various institutions of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site received the new European card.

Since 2005, the COMUE (Community of universities and institutions) Université de Lyon (UdL) has manifested a strong desire to provide its students and staff with a single card common to all the institutions, in order to pool services for users. This ambition has led the UdL to pilot a move to the European card for 20 of its member and associate institutions, becoming a reality this year with the order of 146,580 cards.

With the help of funding obtained within the context of strategic administrative dialogue, the majority of the site’s institutions were able to provide European cards to new students and replace the cards of students already enrolled in previous years. Staff will also receive a European card.

For students, this European card will make it possible to:

  • Create student status at a European level;
  • Get around more easily.

The card is a key element of the Erasmus+ program launched in June 2021, which is due to end in 2027. It makes it possible to establish a digital and graphic identity, shared among all European students.

The novelty of these cards lies in the visual representation of a European hologram and a QR code. The institutions of the Université de Lyon are the first to have an application on their cards called DEU-info, which reinforces the card’s security.