More than 200 attendees at the students-with-disabilities evening: Preparing for Higher Education

On The January 16, 2019

Over 200 participants attended this second evening informing high-school juniors and seniors with disabilities about higher education. It was held by the Board of Education of the Académie de Lyon and the Université de Lyon.

The Board of Education of the Académie de Lyon and the Université de Lyon have been working together for several years to make university studies more accessible to students with disabilities and inform them of the steps they should plan for. The evening held on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 was an opportunity to speak directly to students with disabilities.

High-schoolers, their families, secondary education professionals and organizations gathered for this second evening to “Prepare for Higher Education”. This event aimed to inform future students of possible educational programs, the Parcoursup program, existing educational accommodations and scholarships available from the Crous.

In addition to this practical information, three students told their stories, providing concrete examples of possible academic paths. Participants said that this section was particularly enjoyable. Each participant was given a copy of the 2019 “Cap vers l’enseignement supérieur” guide booklet about higher education. It contains information about administrative procedures, useful contact information and initial education programs.

The high turnout of disability officers working for the Université de Lyon’s member institutions (the Université Lyon 1, Lyon 2, Lyon 3, Jean Monnet, INSA Lyon, and the ENS de Lyon) and the Crous de Lyon created the ideal environment for discussion and to answer students' and their families’ questions. This second evening was a good example of effective cooperation.