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Preparing for higher education: looking back at the disability information evening

On The May 2, 2018

On Wednesday, May 2, the Académie de Lyon and the Université de Lyon organized an evening to inform junior and senior high-school students with disabilities about higher education opportunities.

Over 80 participants – students, their families, and secondary education professionals – attended this first event, which provided practical information about accommodations in higher education institutions and which actions to anticipate.

The Académie de Lyon and the Université de Lyon have been working together for several years to streamline the academic track for students with disabilities.

In addition to awareness-raising among national education professionals working with students with disabilities, this evening had the goal of talking directly to the students themselves and giving them to the opportunity to talk to disability advisers within the higher education system.

In addition to the practical information, two students with disabilities gave speeches that illustrated some concrete academic possibilities.

Participants highly appreciated these testimonies and having the opportunity to meet a large number of disability advisors from member institutions of the Université de Lyon and teacher-advisors from the Académie de Lyon.

► In compliance with the French law on student orientation and success of 8 March 2018, evenings like this one will now be offered annually to students with disabilities.