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Providing better support for dyslexic students: progress of the ETUDYs project by the ASLAN LabEx

On The November 7, 2017

The early care provided for pupils with specific learning difficulties may have improved considerably over the past fifteen years, but the situation remains difficult for students in higher education. The ETUDYS project aims to increase awareness of the difficulties faced by dyslexic students to provide better support..

Background for the ETUDYS project

Dyslexia is a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) caused by a neurodevelopmental disorder that underlies cognitive and neural abnormalities and is characterized by a persistent failure to decipher written words, poor reading fluency and poor spelling.

Since the 2000s, significant progress has been made in diagnosing and supporting dyslexic pupils in elementary school and secondary education. However, when they enter higher education, dyslexic students are often deprived of the facilities and support they had before.

The Université de Lyon's "Mission Handicap" has, therefore, appointed researchers from the ASLAN LabEX, in collaboration with health professionals from the Collectif des Dys- du Rhône, to develop a research project that aims to understand the specific difficulties faced by these students with the help of a large survey: ETUDYS

Survey results

The survey carried out among students with dyslexia showed several areas for improvement to support students:
  • The visibility of dyslexic students; many have not been indicated to the relevant services;
  • Difficulty carrying out certain exercises required at university: writing and note-taking, reading quickly, etc.;
  • Difficulty learning a modern foreign language, particularly English.

The results are accompanied by a series of simple measures to help dyslexic students with their studies. A MOOC has also been created to inform the various university stakeholders about problems related to dyslexia and how it impacts university life.