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Practical workshops 2021/2022

Nutrition workshops by the Crous de Lyon

Workshop #1: Eating well from the beginning of the term
From September 3 to November 25, 2021

To eat well is to study well... Various meetings will help you discover your nutritional profile, and give you tips for better eating everyday.

By Thomas Audoual, nutritionist


03/09/2021 Archimède cafeteria
06/09/2021 L'EsCaLe
07/09/2021 VetAgro cafeteria
08/09/2021 Rabelais cafeteria
09/09/2021 La Doua cybercafe
10/09/2021 Lyon Sud cafeteria
13/09/2021 Le Corner cafeteria
14/09/2021 Astrée cafeteria
15/09/2021 Bistro Roanne
17/09/2021 Médecine Saint-Étienne cafeteria
27/09/2021 Sciences Saint-Étienne cafeteria
28/09/2021 Quais cafeteria
29/09/2021 Bistro de la Manu
30/09/2021 Horizon cafeteria
01/10/2021 Laennec cafeteria
18/10/2021 Gerland cafeteria
19/10/2021 Saint Paul cafeteria
20/10/2021 Lumière cafeteria
21/10/2021 Télécom Saint-Étienne cafeteria
22/10/2021 IUT Gratte Ciel cafeteria
18/11/2021 Carnot cafeteria
22/11/2021 Filtre cafeteria
23/11/2021 IUT Saint-Étienne cafeteria
25/11/2021 Le Studio cafeteria

Workshop #2: Eating well by following the course of the seasons
From September 13 to October 15, 2021

Which fruit and which vegetables to eat during which season? How to eat more fresh products?

By Céline Leprince, nutritionist


13/09/2021 Rockefeller university restaurant
16/09/2021 Descartes university restaurant
17/09/2021 ENTPE university restaurant
20/09/2021 École Centrale de Lyon university restaurant
22/09/2021 Métare university restaurant
23/09/2021 IUT Gratte Ciel university restaurant
27/09/2021 Jussieu university restaurant
28/09/2021 Tréfilerie university restaurant
29/09/2021 Bron university restaurant
04/10/2021 Quais university restaurant
07/10/2021 Monod university restaurant
15/10/2021 Manufacture university restaurant

Workshop #3: Cooking with fresh, high-quality products
From November 2 to December 14, 2021

Learn more about Bleu Blanc Coeur, an association focusing on agriculture, environment and health.
Bonus: a free meeting with a nutritionist and free food samples.

By Lucile Fantini, nutritionist


02/11/2021 Rockefeller university restaurant
04/11/2021 Descartes university restaurant
09/11/2021 Métare university restaurant
16/11/2021 Jussieu university restaurant
18/11/2021 IUT Gratte Ciel university restaurant
23/11/2021 ENTPE university restaurant
25/11/2021 Tréfilerie university restaurant
30/11/2021 Bron university restaurant
02/12/2021 Quais university restaurant
07/12/2021 Monod university restaurant
09/12/2021 Manufacture university restaurant

École Centrale de Lyon university restaurant

Workshop #4: Vegetarian eating: a little, a lot?
From January 3 to February 3, 2022

Discover how to balance a vegetarian diet by varying protein, fruit and vegetables.

By Thomas Audoual, nutritionist


03/01/2022 Sciences Saint-Étienne cafeteria
04/01/2022 Quais cafeteria
05/01/2022 Bistro de la Manu
06/01/2022 Horizon cafeteria
07/01/2022 Laennec cafeteria
10/01/2022 Archimède cafeteria
11/01/2022 L'EsCaLe
12/01/2022 VetAgro cafeteria
13/01/2022 Rabelais cafeteria
14/01/2022 La Doua cybercafe
17/01/2022 Lyon Sud cafeteria
18/01/2022 Le Corner cafeteria
19/01/2022 Le Studio cafeteria
20/01/2022 Bistro Roanne
21/01/2022 Astrée cafeteria
24/01/2022 Carnot cafeteria
25/01/2022 Filtre cafeteria
26/01/2022 IUT Saint-Étienne cafeteria
27/01/2022 Télécom Saint-Étienne cafeteria
28/01/2022 Gerland cafeteria
31/01/2022 Saint Paul cafeteria
01/02/2022 Lumière cafeteria
02/02/2022 Médecine Saint-Étienne cafeteria
03/02/2022 IUT Gratte Ciel cafeteria

Why nutrition workshops?

The Crous de Lyon and the Université de Lyon offer workshops on nutrition and well-eating to all students during this academic year. Gather in all our university cafeterias and meet with dieticians to ask them about food producing, your nutrition profile and more!

Many prizes will be to be won by answering the 4 quizzes "Eat well with the seasons", "Eat well from the start", "Challenge Bleu-Blanc-Coeur" and "How to eat vegetarian" (quizzes to come).

Download the leaflet (FR)

"Two Weeks for Better Sleep" workshop series

Over 45% of students say they have sleep problems, which are often blamed on stress related to their studies. Because students need a high quality of life to flourish, the Université de Lyon and its member institutions hold a two-week program promoting better sleep.

Exceptionally, there will be no workshop series this year.

The Université de Lyon is working along the Crous de Lyon to prepare new workshops for next year. In the meantime please read our brochure on how to get a better sleep routine during your academic year:

Download our brochure (FR)

Sleeping better, studying better

3 workshops focusing on:
Sleep better and manage stress with meditation
Yoga and its benefits on stress and sleep
Stress management and quality of sleep with sophrology
Benefits of essential oils