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Taking care of your health since the beginning of the school year is really not that complicated!

On The September 1, 2020

For the start of the academic year, the Université de Lyon informs you about your health and helps you see more clearly about access to care. Discover or rediscover our health portal, now enriched with two new devices: the 100% optical health care offer and M'T Dents (Love Your Teeth) scheme.


Because facilitating your access to healthcare is a priority during this back-to-school period, the Université de Lyon is expanding its information campaign "Taking care of your health is really not complicated!"

Care path, relationship between complementary health and health insurance, carte Vitale...: all the explanations and essential addresses on student health can be found at

Focus on two devices that complement our portal launched in 2018:



Since 2020, all opticians in France should offer you:

• At least a choice of 17 glasses frames in several colors,
• And treating glasses for all visual corrections,
100% reimbursed by the Assurance maladie and mutual health plans.

► That means: if you choose frames and glasses within this “100% health” range, no costs remain at your expense.


“M’T Dents” is a meeting of oral prevention offered, every three years until you reach 24. During this visit the dentist:

• Checks the health of your teeth and gums,
• Gives you advice on how to take care of your teeth,
• Offers one or more new appointments if your teeth need to be treated.

This oral examination and preservative care is covered by the Assurance maladie and is free of charge for you.


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