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Announcing the Student Initiative Fund winners from the fall 2018 session

On The December 14, 2018

The Université de Lyon’s Student Initiative Fund (FIE) commission has voted to grant subsidies to 15 projects, two of which address the “sustainable development” theme put forward for this session.


  • Comm’Up ! (COMMUZ’ organization), €1,000
    The Commuz’ organization plans to partner with Cheer' Up! to build a solidarity project to assist young cancer sufferers aged 12-25 in fulfilling projects and to combat loneliness. The Commuz' and Cheer Up! organizations have decided to work together to build a show with these young people by offering afternoon artistic workshops at the hospital and inviting them to attend the Commuz's show.
    Aim: produce four performances of a professional-quality show for students in Lyon (March).
  • Seventh Artelzia Festival (Lézartgaco organization), €6,000
    The seventh Artelzia multidisciplinary art festival is a yearly event that aims to spotlight the artistic talents of students enrolled in the “Administrative and Business Management for Organizations, Focus on Art” technical university program (DUT)
    ► Aim:
    Provide an opportunity for artists from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region to perform on stage for a new audience, primarily students.
  • The INSA’s 24-hour Open Air Festival (the INSA’s Club 24h organization) €1,600
    This free and accessible event was created by three student organizations and is held in the afternoon during the days of the INSA’s 24-hour Festival.
    ► Aim: provide festival-goers with a space dedicated to relaxation and enjoying music during the day.
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Robotics Cup (organization for student-engineers at the ECAM), €1,500
    This competition is a preamble to the French Cup of Robotics brings all of the teams from robotics clubs from engineering schools and faculties in the region together.
    ► Aim: enabling the teams to share their knowledge and partake together in their shared passion for robotics, while also raising awareness of robotics and new technologies in young children, high-schoolers and young adults.
  • The Federation of Students in Lyon (FEL) Training Weekend (Fédé K’to organization), €1,000
    A training weekend for student organizations held by the FEL for 15 years. This weekend training is primarily aimed at organizations within its network, but it is open to all students.
    ► Aim:
    train as many student organization boards as possible at the Lyon site.
  • Open Handi Sports (ASC ISARA Lyon), €3,000
    This event raises awareness of disabilities among students at the Lyon site with stands and simulations of various situations. Students will compete in a variety of sports for the disabled in teams of 10 competitors per school. Three different sports are planned: wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and blind blowgun. Wheelchair and blind obstacle courses will be organized.
    ► Aim:
    foster the inclusion of people with disabilities through awareness-raising efforts among students who will be the managers of tomorrow.
  • Ovalyonne Sevens 2019 (AS Lyon1), €4,000
    This women’s rugby sevens university tournament will bring together over 150 young women from French, Spanish and British universities. The key values of this event created by students, for students, are friendliness, sports and exchanges.
    ► Aim:
    Building relationships between international universities, introduce students to rugby sevens and women’s sports in general.
  • Lyon MUN 2019, (Lyon MUN), €3,000
    Organizing the seventh Lyon MUN event, which, over four days, brings together students from all over the world in UN-style conferences and simulations of negotiation sessions.
    ► Aim:
    enable students to discover how an international organization works; Foster student exchanges.
  • African World Heritage Day (Makeda Saba organization), €3,000
    This three-day festival is held for the African World Heritage Day to explore these cultures through lectures, workshops and exhibitions. 2019 Theme: “Representing and being represented”.
    ► Aim:
    honoring African culture through an exhibition. Fostering dialog surrounding African arts and cultures with researchers and players on the cultural stage.
  • Welcome Week (ESN Cosmo Lyon organization), €1,500
    A week of activities each semester for international students in Lyon, organized in partnership with other organizations of interest to these students. The activities are open to all students, regardless of their country of origin or exchange program, including to French students new to Lyon or who would like to discover other cultures.
    ► Aim:
    better welcome and integrate international students.


  • eMachination Festival (AGM organization), €4,000
    An electronic music festival held on January 17 through 19, 2019, in Saint-Étienne. It is structured around concerts, lectures, educational activities and the Siestes Électroniques festival, exploring every facet of this musical genre. The event is open to everyone.
    ► Aim: educate young people, give young artists an opportunity to perform on stage, develop a new way to listen to electronic music.
  • Design your Project (Design Ton Projet organization), €1,000
    Bring students from various fields together in a street furniture design project in Saint-Étienne. Each team will put forward a design and technical specifications before a jury of professionals in the field (awards ceremony).
    Aim: Organizing an event during which students will work on a design together, have fun, and meet students from different fields as well as professionals.


  • Student Basketball Night (Lyon 3 Bourg Student Office), €1,000
    Inter-organization basketball tournament co-organized with the Bourg-en-Bresse Student House.
    ► Aim: foster relationships between student organizations, young people and the services offered by the city of Bourg-en-Bresse.


  • Beirut Habibti (Ahlan organization), €3,000
    This project includes two phases: the first involves producing a series of documentaries covering the waste crisis in Lebanon and social entrepreneurship as a sustainable targeted response to this issue, and the second involves a series of events held in France surrounding screenings of the documentary, including workshops and debates, etc.
    Aim: raise awareness for ecological and societal issues.
  • “A Different Approach to Entrepreneurship” Forum (Lyon 3 DD organization), €2,000
    This Forum highlights the actions of responsible companies who are taking action for a concrete positive impact on the environment or on society. It aims to highlight entrepreneurs and companies (from startups to multinational corporations) that are putting forward innovative solutions to ecological and/or societal issues.
    Aim: Raise awareness and inspire students, countering the common biases that view responsible entrepreneurship as associational activities only.