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Announcing the winners of the summer 2019 FIE session…

On The July 8, 2019

The Université de Lyon’s Student Initiative Fund (FIE) Commission has voted to award grants to 10 projects.

Congratulations to the 10 winning projects listed below by project name, student organization leading each project, total grant awarded by the FIE and the aims of their initiative.

Summer 2019 standard FIE

  • 48H ENTREPRENEURS, Eden International organization (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3), grant of €3,000
    The 48h Entrepreneur weekend is a fun professional event to promote entrepreneurship for everyone. On October 5 and 6, 2019, it will greet participants from all walks of life for hands-on workshops. This weekend aims to build cross-cutting skills within the UdL by bringing students from different fields together.
  • 6TH FORUM OF THE CERCLE DES DEVELOPPEURS, Le Cercle des Développeurs organization (Sciences Po Lyon), grant of €500
    The organization’s sixth forum is being held in Saint-Étienne on October 10, 2019, this year focusing on “public appropriation of the region in Saint-Étienne and the surrounding area”, and will involve sharing experiences.
  • 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF AGRO PROJETS ETUDES, Agro Projets Etudes organization (ISARA), grant of €1,500
    This event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Agro Projets Etudes (APE) Junior Company, which aims to bring the UdL’s Junior Companies together and get them involved with a variety of activities. The program of October 16 and 17, 2019, plans a panel discussion about entrepreneurship and innovation, a “Startups Market” gathering for professionals and a TED Talk.
  • Initiative promoting the creativity of minorities in live entertainment, the Anti Autruche Collective (ENSATT), grant of €4,000
    The collective wanted to strengthen relationships between female artists, researchers and students, and between institutions by holding a lecture series promoting creativity and research among gender and sexual orientation minorities in the live show. Childcare services will be provided so student mothers can take part.
  • REBIRTH OF INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPERS, Orient Express organization (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3), grant of €2,500
    The organization promotes high-quality international news. It aims to find a stronger foothold in student life in Lyon by developing partnerships with student organizations within institutions of higher education in Lyon and by developing its web radio.
  • NEW ACADEMIC YEAR CELEBRATION WEEK AT THE ROTONDE, CGR, the Rotonde Management Commission Organization (INSA Lyon), grant of €302
    For the first week of the new academic year, the student organizations on the la Doua campus and beyond are invited to present the shows they have put together. It aims to promote student initiatives to their target audience, other students. The program includes a jazz concert, a play and a dance recital.
  • WELCOME TO LYON, Makeda Saba organization (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3), grant of €690
    Organizations greeting international students will get together on October 4 and 5, 2019 to welcome international students together and greet newcomers while celebrating African cultures. One of its goals is to encourage newly arrived students to get involved in student organizations.
  • POLE CREATION, Kinoks organization (Université Lumière Lyon 2), grant of €2,350
    Screening of four short films made by students during academic year 2019–2020. Several screenings will be held in movie theaters, including one at the Université Lumière Lyon 2 and a film festival. The idea behind this project is to build a mutual assistance-based training network by sharing students’ skills on a website and publishing articles in the specialized Ikkons publication.
  • CHRONO METRAGE, ENISE photography and videography club, grant of €750
    Drawing inspiration from the international short film competition, the 48 Hour Film Project, this initiative aims to open up the world of audiovisual media to students by holding a short film production contest in 46 hours (writing, filming, editing) with constraints to follow (genre, character, items, etc.). The project is open to students from all programs and all skill levels.
  • NOUS SOMMES DEMAIN [We are the future], In Medias Res organization (Université Jean Monnet), grant of €1,000
    Project to produce and screen a documentary about student volunteers, entrepreneurs and artists who are working to build the world of tomorrow. The documentary will be screened on September 26, 2019, at the Maison des Étudiants in Saint-Étienne, and it will be followed by a panel discussion about intergenerational challenges, led by Schneider Electric’s director of sustainable development.