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The Student Initiative Fund winners from the Fall 2017 session are...

On The February 19, 2018

From the 12 projects submitted during the Fall 2017 session, the Université de Lyon's Student Initiative Fund (FIE) committee has voted to allocate grants to ten projects.

Congratulations to the ten winning projects listed below by project name, the student organizations leading the projects, the total grant awarded by the FIE and the aims of their initiative.

Standard FIE - winning projects from Lyon

Ovalyonne Sevens, (Lyon 1 AS/Lyon 3 AS), €5,500

Ovalyonne is an international university women's rugby sevens tournaments. It is held over two days and brings together 12 teams, including at least three international teams.

► Aim: promote women's rugby, encourage students from Lyon to organize women's rugby, coordinate campus activities in Lyon and develop ties with international universities.

Accueil des étudiants danseurs ("Hosting Student Dancers"), (Lyon 3 AS/Lyon 1 AS), €4,000

Organizing national university dance events at the Maison de la Danse in Lyon. The events close with a performance of the choreographic work from the two days.

► Aim: bring student dancers from all over France together by enabling them to take part in workshops run by guest-teachers and choreographers from Lyon (with the participation of CNSMD).

Lyon Mun 2018, (Lyon MUN/Mankpadere), €3,000

Organizing the 6th Lyon Mun event, which, over four days, brings together students from all over the world in UN-style conferences and simulations of negotiation sessions.

► Aim: enable students to discover how an international organization works; promote inter-university exchange and develop public-speaking skills.

Mobil'Innov, (Hackathon Centrale Lyon/Smart'Up), €3,000

Organizing a Hackathon based on 'product mobility'. Teams of students and young professionals compete in a 24-hour innovation contest. Business coaches support the teams as they brainstorm.

► Aim: enable participants to expand their networks and talk with different types of professionals (organizations, businesses, etc.); develop projects in the hope that they will become a reality afterwards.

Venez commuz' êtes ("Come As You Are") (Commuz'/ ASTUCES-Lycéens), €2,000

Sponsoring pupils monitored by ASTUCES and supporting them to create a show. Providing an artistic experience run by members of Commuz', particularly when they put together the show. Enabling partner organizations to share skills.

► Aim: encourage pupils to develop their artistic talents, help to make culture accessible to everyone and develop partnerships between organizations and institutions.

1st Semester 2018 Welcome Week, (ESN Cosmo Lyon/Fac verte), €2,000

An induction activity week at the start of the semester for international students, French students arriving in Lyon for the first time and those wishing to discover other cultures.

► Aim: support and help international students, and enable them to discover Lyon; talk with partner organizations about their work and practice.

Standard FIE - winning projects from Saint-Étienne:

Texture(s) du Son à la matière ("Texture(s), from Sound to Materials"), (AGM), €3,500 grant

A week-long festival on the theme of sound and plastic textures, combining music, graphic art and new technology.

► Aim: bring together and unite a wide, intergenerational audience; participate in a wide range of cultural activities (exhibitions, concerts, DIY workshops) and offer special student discounts. The festival is open to students and provides special activities for those who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Shakespeare as you like him, €2,000 grant

A musical and theater performance that revisits several works by William Shakespeare.

► Aim: "Pay-as-you-feel" concerts so a wide audience can attend (an initiative oriented towards disabled persons and pupils). Visits from young professional and trainee musicians to help students find jobs.

"Sustainable Development" themed FIE:

Semaine du développement durable ("Sustainable Development Week"), (L3DD/Objectif 21), €3,750

Organizing and coordinating the event with activities, cooking workshops and conferences.

► Aim: educate as many people as possible about 21st-century challenges and struggles related to sustainable development.

Festival cultive ta ville 2 ! ("Cultivate Your City Festival 2!"), (Urbacultures/Urbagora), €2,000

Second year of the "Cultivate Your City!" festival that looks at challenges facing urban agriculture and other emerging urban cultures. Organizing activities and workshops led by students and partners of the project.

► Aim: enable students to meet inhabitants, develop student skills and raise awareness about urban agriculture.