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The winners of the 2019 FIE spring session are...

On The May 20, 2019

The Université de Lyon’s Student Initiative Fund (FIE) Commission has voted to grant subsidies to 10 projects, two of which address the “Welcoming students” theme put forward for this session.

Congratulations to the 10 winning projects listed below by project name, the student organizations leading the projects, the total grant awarded by the FIE and the aims of their initiative.

Standard FIE

  • FESTIVAL DU VOYAGE ENGAGE, On the Green Road organization, grant of €2,800
    The Festival du Voyage Engagé raises the general public’s awareness of societal and environmental issues through traveling. The Festival will be an opportunity to share experiences, and its slogan is “Médiagissons!” (Media activism!). The event aims to develop solutions journalism, which fosters awareness and understanding of the implications of ecological and societal transitions by focusing more on the solutions and initiatives led by citizens' than on problems and negative aspects.
  • LE POULIN À MAROLES, the Les médiations philosophiques organization, grant of €290
    This student Internet radio, launched by the Les médiations philosophiques organization, tackles various aspects of student life from a philosophical perspective.
  • LE TISSU SOLIDAIRE, the ENACTUS IAE Lyon organization, grant of €5,000
    This project’s overarching goal is to mobilize the student community in Lyon to facilitate the integration of refugees in the host society. This project offers a comprehensive course, with a social inclusion scheme through volunteering and an economic inclusion scheme, which offers employment counseling services.
  • CMUL CONCERT, the Chœur mixte Universitaire de Lyon organization, grant of €1,500
    The aim is to celebrate the end of the academic year working on Baroque music by holding two free concerts. The music program (Lamentations by Jean Gilles) was chosen by the choir members. The concerts will be accompanied by four vocal soloists and five instrumentalists, all of whom are students at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Lyon.
  • PRÉVENTION CULTURES OLYMPIADES, the La FASEE organization, grant of €1,680
    Each year, the Olympiads bring together students from all the Saint-Étienne campuses. Over the course of a week, students have the opportunity to participate in sports tournaments, cultural activities and festive events, as well as being presented with prevention, awareness and sustainable development stands.
    Two short films will be screened, “Nourrir une métropole” (Feeding a metropolitan area) and “Consommer autrement, quelles solutions?” (Solutions for consuming differently), which explore sustainable nutrition and working with local participants in urban farming.
  • ARTS AND VIBES FESTIVAL, the T2O organization, grant of €2,000
    A musical event incorporating artistic works (artists chosen through a call for projects). Three days of events in different locations which represent the city of Saint-Étienne (live music, creative workshops, exhibitions, etc.), with a dedicated theme and a different venue every day. The aim of these events is to highlight the converging and complementary disciplines of music (scenography, decoration, etc.).
  • INVITATION TO GABON, the Gabonais de Saint-Étienne organization, grant of €1,000
    These cultural days are intended as an invitation to discover and share. Spread out over the course of three days, this is the organization's first event, which aims to promote and popularize Gabonese culture, invite the academic community and the citizens of Saint-Étienne to discover Gabon, and to take part in the cultural programming of Saint-Étienne's campuses.

Theme FIE: "Welcoming students"

  • DÉRACINE.ES, the Les Métisseurs de Mots organization, grant of €1,000
    Publishing a collection of stories and essays about exile, written by foreigners living in France, with these texts being translated by members of the student organization.A final gathering will bring together the author and all the contributors to the collection.
  • WELCOME WEEK 2019, the ESN Cosmo Lyon organization, grant of €1,500
    The Welcome Week is a week of activities primarily intended for international students in Lyon. The Welcome Week is organized in partnership with other organizations and the activities are open to all students, regardless of their country of origin or their exchange program. This Welcome Week also caters to French students, whether they are originally from Lyon or just moved there, who would like to be part of an international environment and embrace other cultures.