The Université de Lyon, in partnership with other higher education institutions, is committed to providing students from all campuses at the Lyon - Saint-Étienne site with comprehensive health services adapted to their needs.

Improving access to healthcare

Students in higher education are at an age when behavior that is harmful to their health may develop or get worse. Some behavior may be a source of unhappiness and disengagement during their studies. Furthermore, students can find it hard to access healthcare when they need it and give up trying to get help. Insufficient knowledge about the system and healthcare services, as well as the difficulty of finding information, make matters worse.

The Université de Lyon takes measures and creates projects aiming to improve access to the best healthcare for all students. The UdL's healthcare team works with healthcare stakeholders so that students can easily find the health service they need.

FPromoting prevention policies

Good health goes beyond getting care; prevention also plays an essential role. Students benefit from a number of free health services on each campus :preventive medical examinations are provided by the institutions and preventative measures, joint workshops, cooking lessons, support groups, shiatsu lessons and stress management are offered by various partners.