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Positive Education Night

On The May 20, 2019

Well-being is a essential for student to flourish and be successful. Are you planning to set up actions in your institution? Are you looking for speakers? Take part in NEM2019!

Positive education is an area of positive psychology, which focuses on studying well-being and on developing tools to improve well-being in a school and university setting. It brings fresh perspectives and concrete tools to take action.

This year’s Positive Education Night will be focused on higher education. Many studies show that well-being is essential for student to flourish and be successful.

The idea behind the event is to invite researchers, institutions and practitioners who have developed and led programs to improve student well-being to give lectures and lead workshops to give participants a clear idea of what these programs include.

The event aims to pass on knowledge and information and to encourage people to take action. It is also intended as a platform to meet various players who take an interest in well-being in higher education, which should lead to future actions.


Download the full program (in French)