“Santé psy étudiant”, a national psychological support platform for students

On The March 11, 2021

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has launched the santepsy.etudiant.gouv.fr platform to provide immediate psychological support to students who need it. Developed in collaboration with the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology, this service is open to any student who would like to contact a psychologist, as close as possible to his or her home or place of study.

The program involves nearly 1,300 volunteer psychologists from around the country who are available to meet with students for a series of three free sessions, which can be extended to six, if necessary.


  1. Referral
    Students should go to their institution’s health service or to a general practitioner and present their student card (or any other equivalent document).
    They will then receive a prescription or a letter referring them to the program’s partner psychologists, if necessary.
  2. Choosing a psychologist
    Students can choose their psychologist from an approved list on the ministerial platform. They can then make an appointment with the psychologist of their choice via the usual channels
  3. Sessions
    Students will receive three free sessions with a certified psychologist. These sessions are completely free of charge and students do not have to pay anything in advance.

Visit the santepsy.etudiant.gouv.fr platform

(...)The launch of this national platform is a way for us to provide better support for students, in conjunction with the services provided by the Crous, local authorities and the community. We are making every effort to ensure that students have access to appropriate listening services and they can talk openly about their problems.

Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.