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Students are mobilizing for the Student Waste Reduction Week

From November 20, 2021 to November 28, 2021

From November 20 to 28, 2021 the Student Network for an Ecological and Solidary Society (RESES) launches the second Student Waste Reduction Week (SERD). The Université de Lyon invites all its students to take part in this important operation, to learn more about the topic, to raise awareness in their peers, to create constructive content and most importantly, to take action for the reduction of waste.


This year, the SERD is focusing on solidarity. This means organizing innovative and creative actions to create links between project initiators, associations and students. On the agenda, the RESES proposes conferences, DIY workshops, tutorials, podcasts, online contests, etc.

The week’s objective is to:
  • Highlight existing initiatives and the actions of students and student associations concerned with the issues of waste reduction,
  • Provide future citizens with the keys to understanding and democratizing new habits and behaviors, in step with the world of tomorrow,
  • Mobilize the student community in different regions and involve a variety of partners and project initiators (students, student associations, local organizations, higher education institutions, public authorities, etc.) with a view to creating collective initiatives on the various campuses.


I want to create initiatives
For this second mobilization, you can register your SERD events directly on the ADEME [French Agency for Environment and Energy Management] platform It’s easy, on the enrollment form, under “Nom de la structure” [Title of the initiative] enter “SERDétudiante” + the title of your initiative, then from the drop-down menu “Type de structure” [type of structure], simply choose “Porteur.euse de projets SERDétudiante” [project initiator].
This way, you will appear directly on the SERD Étudiante national program. You will then be able to benefit from our support in logistics, communication and funding.

Looking for inspiration?
In its organizer’s guide the RESES offers numerous examples of actions, resources and advice to make your SERD Étudiante event successful.

I want to take part in initiatives
You will find the complete program of initiatives for the week on the ADEME website.

Take a look at the program (FR)