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The Université de Lyon is launching the second phase of its eco-friendly action campaign

On The January 22, 2019

The eco-friendly action awareness campaign launched by the Université de Lyon in 2018 is continuing this year. This campaign is the result of collaborative work between representatives of the energy and ecological transition, the institutions’ communications departments and the Université de Lyon’s project team.

Getting the 160,000 people on the Lyon and Saint-Étienne campuses involved is a key factor for the success of the energy and ecological transition.

A jointly developed campaign

The eco-friendly action campaign, jointly developed with the institutions, aims to involve the site’s users – students, researchers, research professors and staff – and to raise their awareness of the importance of "small actions". It aims to familiarize its various target audiences with the environmental issues and change their behavior in several areas.

In 2018, twelve member institutions of the Université de Lyon rolled out the first communication campaign on the themes of energy and water.


A second eco-friendly action campaign

This new campaign’s theme is device standby time. It aims to raise awareness of avoidable electricity usage and of the waste caused by leaving devices on standby.

On average, nights and weekends account for 40% of total power usage.

This wastefulness can be avoided by implementing one very simple eco-friendly measure: turn off computers and screens in the evening and on weekends.

This campaign is being conducted as part of the site’s energy and ecological transition strategy developed by the member institutions of the Université de Lyon.

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