The Université de Lyon is supporting the EFS’ “A true Lyonnais saves lives” blood drive campaign

On The January 25, 2019

In anticipation of its “Life-saving actions week” scheduled in May, the French blood agency (Établissement français du sang) is running a large-scale campaign on campuses and in schools in Lyon. The Université de Lyon is supporting this campaign by hosting blood drives in its facilities.

The Établissement français du sang (EFS) performs a public health mission serving both blood donors and patients.

The “A true Lyonnais saves lives” campaign is a call for students in Lyon to join the community of blood donors through blood drives and awareness-raising campaigns running from mid-January to mid-May 2019. As part of the “Life-saving actions week”, the EFS is partnering with the city of Lyon to organize blood drives in over sixty institutions, in hopes of gathering more than 4,500 students.

A Facebook group has been set up to build a student community of blood donors and highlight students’ involvement through their schools and universities. Students are being asked to share their experiences as donors if they wish to do so, and tell others about the awareness-raising campaign and other actions on the ground.

The group will also provide information about donating blood, dates of blood drives organized by the UdL’s member institutions, and helpful advice.