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The Université de Lyon's commitment to preventing plagiarism

On The November 20, 2019

Since its launch in 2015, the Université de Lyon's anti-plagiarism campaign, entitled “Fantastic plagiarists and how to spot them”, has been a great success amongst the university community. Thanks to this guide on how to prevent plagiarism, students, university staff, and even the professors, researchers and administrative staff, have no excuses for misquoting their sources!

Plagiarism is everyone's business!

A lack of citation skills and the misuse of “copy & paste” are usually to blame in many cases of plagiarism.To avoid this, the Université de Lyon is leading an awareness campaign to provide practical advice and highlight the rules that must be observed to avoid penalties.

This campaign, with its deliberately unorthodox tone, is mainly for students, but it is also of interest to all staff at the institutions, whether they are professors, researchers or administrative staff.

Is plagiarism easier?It is mainly a big risk!
Yvon Piger

The campaign was designed and produced by the Université de Lyon, and was written by the members of the “Plagiarism” Working Group, a group of institutions from the Lyon and Saint-Étienne area.

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