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The Université de Lyon’s Sports Association is ranked first in France!

On The June 26, 2018

The many titles and medals won by the students of the AS UdL throughout the season have led to the Université de Lyon leading the FFSU’s national ranking of sports associations. A look back at the celebratory evening of June 20 for our winning athletes.

The UdL’s Sports Association, boosting athletic students from the Université de Lyon!

A crowd of students who play various sports (volleyball, rowing, rugby, track and field, karate, judo, etc.) came together to celebrate the award ceremony for the UdL’s Sports Association on Wednesday, June 20 following the general meeting of the association.

The athletes who reached the top of the national rankings were revealed during the event. The atmosphere was electric and festive.

Although it was founded less than a year ago, the AS UdL is already leading the rankings, ahead of the previous longtime leaders, the AS Bordeaux and AS Toulouse.

See the national AS challenge rankings (in French)

Looking back at the medals of the season

► French University Rugby Championship

The women’s team won a bronze medal at the French University Rugby Tens Championship on June 6 and 7, 2018, held in Montpellier.

► 4x4 and Elite Volleyball French University Championships

The student athletes from the AS UdL shone at volleyball in two separate competitions:

  • On June 13 and 14, the men’s team and the co-ed team earned the titles of University 4x4 Volleyball Champions of France. The women’s team followed on the second step of the podium with a silver medal.
  • At the Elite volleyball championship and N2 in Amiens on June 7 and 8, the women’s UdL team was ranked second.

► Elite and N2 Badminton French University Championship

Organized at the Université Lumière Lyon 2 from June 5-7, the Open-Mixed Doubles Marine Clapeyron/Rémi Rossi provided the UdL with a bronze medal by earning third place in the elite-level badminton championship.

This French University Championships season came to a close on June 21 in Dijon with a bronze medal awarded to the women’s beach volleyball team.