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The Université de Lyon is releasing its new International students’ guide

On The September 2, 2019

This guide was written to reassure all international students with reliable information and guide them step by step through all of the administrative hurdles, so that their experience will be a successful one. It is as down-to-earth and practical as possible, answering the most common questions they might ask when organizing their trip and their life in France.

Welcome to the Université de Lyon!

Studying abroad can make some young students feel apprehensive. This is quite natural, because it is often the first time a student is away from their family for an extended period. Some may feel very weighed down by a feeling of isolation. This risk is easy to control if they carefully plan their trip and stay abroad.

How will you eat, get from one place to another, where will you stay, what kind of medical care will you have, how will you open a bank account? Are you allowed to work? Will you need a visa? What should your budget be? What is the best way to fit in? It is important to learn about the environment you will soon be a part of, its particularities, what daily life is like, etc. so you can quickly find your bearings.

Released at the same time as the Students Welcome Desk reopens for three months, this issue was designed to answer the most common questions students might ask when organizing their trip and their life in France.

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