2019 CLARA forum: clinical cancer research

On The April 5, 2019

As part of its annual scientific forum, the CLARA cancer research cluster will be organizing an evening open to the general public, on the subject of clinical cancer research.

This evening will take the form of a round table that will cover 3 topics:

  • Therapeutic clinical research: cutting-edge testing
    The new therapy form currently developed in phase with clinical research is immunotherapy. Several tests have confirmed the efficacy of immunotherapy drugs in some twenty or so different cancers.
  • Clinical research is not restricted to therapeutic tests
    Today, clinical research is looking at subjects that go beyond therapy. Tests on patient quality of life, observance, compliance or how to live with cancer and related treatment are questions of interest to patients and medical progress in the broad sense of the term.
  • The role of associations and patients in clinical research
    The importance of integrating the patient experience increasingly early on in research
List of speakers and registration on the CLARA website (in French)

What is CLARA?

Since 2003, the CLARA Cancer Research Cluster has been bringing together academic researchers, clinicians and industrial players from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Under the aegis of the Bullukian foundation, it is supporting a regional, national and international strategy to fight cancer. Its aim is the rapid transfer of findings to patients as well as the enhance the value of research. Human and social science and public health research is also increasingly important, putting patients at the heart of Research. CLARA is committed to all players in the network to promote their decompartmentalization and partnerships. It supports research projects through services that are created and developed in line with their requirements.