2019 Science Shop project launch evening spotlighting innovation

On The March 14, 2019

On Wednesday, March 13, the Université de Lyon’s Science Shop brought together nearly 70 partner universities, institutions and organizations in the Hôtel de la Métropole de Lyon. Through the presentation of the ten projects being supported this year, it explained the program and its impact on innovation, both in the Université de Lyon and in society as a whole.

Providing better support for people with “dys-” conditions, raising awareness of waste sorting, identifying the drivers of volunteer commitment, etc. In 2019, the Science Shop is supporting ten organizations by getting second-year Master’s students and their academic advisors involved to bring their perspectives as urban planners, geographers or sociologists to issues of citizenry, climate change and public health.

A university that is connected to its local area

For the first time this year, the Science Shop is launching its projects at the Métropole de Lyon. To open the evening, Sarah Peillon, Councilor for the Métropole de Lyon in charge of student life and creative industries, and Nathalie Dompnier, Vice-President for Culture, Science and Society, the spread of knowledge, lifelong education at the Université de Lyon, and President of the Université de Lumière Lyon 2, praised this initiative. Nathalie Dompnier said that this is a manifestation of the Université de Lyon’s desire to be more firmly rooted in the city. And Sarah Peillon highlighted the convergence of themes covered by the Science Shop and the city’s public policies.

The Science Shop provides an opportunity for university players to meet with local organizations to acquire new knowledge – a win-win situation! There are many benefits to this participatory research: organizations are better equipped, students sharpen their skills and researchers can innovate!

2019 opportunities

“The role that science plays in the world today has changed substantially. It is becoming necessary to square the knowledge produced in an academic setting with knowledge from the field,” said Florence Belaën, director of the Culture, Science and Society department of the Université de Lyon, who is leading the Science Shop. This program supports these new ways of producing knowledge, which promotes the democratization of science and social innovation.

In 2019, the Science Shop is positioning itself as a space for intelligence and ideas as well as a provider of training for the players in participatory research. It will also continue to help research and innovation projects emerge on the Université de Lyon’s themes of excellence. The call for projects to civil society was also launched. Organizations and groups of citizens have until June 15 to ask any questions they may have to the Science Shop.

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