À l’École de l’Anthropocène #3 returns from January 25 to 31

Du 25 January 2021 au 31 January 2021

For the third year running, the École urbaine de Lyon, supported by the Université de Lyon, invites you to attend its Anthropocene School Festival (À l’École de l’Anthropocène). The aim of this event is to help us gain a better understanding of urban worlds and global change through discussions and experiments with scientists, artists, activists, political figures and organizations. This third “hybrid” edition will explore the Anthropogenic Era without borders.

Continuing with the successful experiment: “going to school in the Anthropogenic Era”

For the past two years, the Anthropocene School Festival has created an innovative environment that provides a forum to openly discuss the Anthropocene Era. What makes it so unique is that it presents the scientific knowledge of the urban Anthropogenic Era by involving participants from all walks of life: geographers, biologists, philosophers, sociologists, cartographers, artists, entrepreneurs, political figures, representatives of organizations, etc.

A third international “hybrid” edition

This third edition has been redesigned in light of the unprecedented global pandemic of this Anthropogenic Era, which in turn has created an opportunity for new topics for discussion. Some debates and discussion will focus on the issues raised by recent events, with the notion of “global vulnerability” being the main theme of the event.

Given the current circumstances, we have been forced to make drastic changes to the way we do things and completely reorganize the event. So, for this year’s edition, we have created a “hybrid” event. First of all, we have decided to hold the event online, allowing us to open up the event to a wider international audience (including collaborations with Nigeria, Australia, Bolivia, Argentina, the United States, and many other countries). Where possible, the public will also be able to take part in the event in-person at Hôtel71 (2nd district of Lyon), which will be transformed into a real “Anthropocenic Hotel”.

A multidimensional event with 180 participants

  • Seven public lectures (with biologists, lawyers, philosophers, specialists in agriculture, history of art, and many more)
  • Eight major debates
  • 25 workshops and seminars (including the themes of extractivism, decolonialism, the weather and the city)
  • Seven area profiles: “inhabited resilience” (Kabul, Caracas, Lagos, Lyon, and so on)
  • Activities for children (bird-watching, building animal habitats, etc.)
  • Performances (Kublai Khan Investigations)
  • Cooking shows and radio broadcasts
  • A Book Club in partnership with Villa Gillet
  • A Great Anthropocenic Global Demonstration (a 24-hour event involving 150 countries)
  • A Nuit des idées (Night of Ideas) with the theme “Closer”, in partnership with the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, the Institut Français of Barcelona and Arty Farty
  • Not to mention the 2021 guest of honor: Nnimmo Bassey

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