A webinar to celebrate the publication of the book “L'Art de chercher”

On The December 1, 2020

To celebrate the publication of the collective work “L'Art de chercher : l’enseignement supérieur face à la recherche-création” (The Art of Research: creative research in higher education), the Université de Lyon is hosting a webinar on December 1, 2020 to discuss the questions, expectations and challenges related to creative research.

As a celebration of the 2019 Biennale de Lyon, the Université de Lyon organized an Art(s) in Research seminar on October 8, 2019 entitled “The Art of research: creative research in higher education”.

This collective work resulting from the Art(s) in Research seminar focuses on the question of the arts and creation and, more specifically, examines how the combination of research and art fits in with today’s educational approaches and modern research trends across a wide range of fields. It clarifies the concept and practices of creative research. It summarizes the current situation, the issues involved, and provides a number of suggestions for the future. The book uses real-life examples to illustrate and demonstrate the wide variety of practices within the Université de Lyon itself and with its partners, as well as in other Regions (the Paris-Saclay Plateau for example), and outlines how these practices can make a difference for communities and students alike.

Thanks to contributions from research professors, students, and those involved in artistic research practices, together with the specific nature of the type of institutions and the combination of theoretical thinking, practice, and experimentation, we are able to identify ways of conducting “creative research”. It shows that none of these methods are exclusive, and, more precisely, just how many ways there are to apply the same principle. The aim is to open up creative learning, or to use creativity to open up learning, and to encourage students to think about and critically evaluate their own work, as well as to identify ways in which their work can be assessed and appreciated in relation to the context and stages of their academic career. 

It is therefore essential that the practices and methods involved in creative research be recognized academically, in a field where training, research and knowledge-sharing come together.

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To celebrate the publication of this book, the Université de Lyon is hosting a webinar to discuss the questions, expectations and challenges related to creative research.