Art(s) in Research seminar: creative research in higher education

On The October 8, 2019

On October 8, as a celebration of the 2019 Biennale de Lyon, the Université de Lyon is organizing an Art(s) in Research seminar entitled “creative research in higher education”. Professors, students, researchers and artists are getting involved with the Anciennes Usines Fagor-Brandt in Lyon, and invite participants to reflect on transmission, experimentation and recognition.

The Lyon Saint-Étienne site is renowned for its many art and architecture schools (ENSATT, CNSMD de Lyon, ESADSE, ENSBA, ENSAL, ENSASE) as well as for its universities which provide training programs for the arts.Meanwhile, the Université de Lyon is developing various hybrid programs, where art is used to foster student creativity and to spur researchers to think about their research processes, and where art evokes poetic questions and perspectives concerning today’s issues.

In keeping with Lyon’s Biennale of Contemporary Art, which, for its 15th edition, is billed as Biennial-Research, the Lyon Saint-Étienne site’s higher education and training institutions wish to address the issues of creation, research and art within the dynamics of existing educational and research objectives.

The aim of this seminar is to share existing training programs, educational pathways, plans and research programs.It will also encourage participants to think about transmission, experimentation and recognition.

This seminar is intended for researchers, professors, students, creative and cultural players and cultural activities leaders for cultural and artistic institutions and organizations.

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