Support and accompaniment scheme for student art creations: the 2020 winners

On The October 12, 2020

The Université de Lyon provides students and young graduates working on an artistic project with support from professional cultural organizations in the Lyon and Saint-Étienne areas. Take a look at the eleven 2020 winning projects.

Now in its second year, the support and accompaniment scheme for student art creations provides eleven artistic project leaders with tailored support to develop their ideas, techniques, presentation, and much more.



♦ Supported by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Livre et Lecture:

  • Familières barricades, by Juliette Muller
  • La Dame de Saint-Paul, by Sidonie Bochaton
  • Revue Coquelicot, by Aglaée Collin, Hannah Starck and Clara Reboux

♦ Supported by Le Nid de Poule:

  • À Table! by “Tadam!"
  • La mélancolie des barbares, by Alexandre Singier, Juliette Muller and Esther Denis

♦ Supported by the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération

  • L’arène des ogresses, by Camila Ragonese and Marlène Charpentié
  • Diagramoramma, by Thibault Le Page

♦ Supported by le Pax

  • Duo Caudale

♦ Supported by Entre les Mailles:

  • Portraits d’artistes, by Alexandra Roche
  • Sensibiliser et éduquer avec le court-métrage, by Jeanne Charneau