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Research and action

Research contract for earmarked ethics policies

For a long time, research projects have been subjected to regulatory procedures to comply with standards set out in codes of ethics which are evaluated by experts (the Committee for Personal Protection, the Animal Testing Ethics Committee, etc.).

Earmarked ethics raise another challenge for research: Rather than the respect for pre-established standards evaluated by experts, this is the reflexivity of researchers regarding ethical challenges involved in their practices before, during and after specific projects. An investigation is being conducted to re-examine the interweaving of epistemological and ethical questions at different points in projects, to analyze the responsibilities of the various stakeholders (institutions, laboratories, teams, individuals) to decide what "responsibility for research" really means (To whom? The public, the subjects involved, governments, financers, the field and its practitioners, the potential consumers? For how long? Why? etc.) It is, therefore, a normal ethics policy for research and researchers.